capsule coll. IV : branches 枝

Our fourth collection is a continuation of our previous numbers which are
named after the growing phases of a tree. Starting from sow(seed) 種, roots 根,
and sprout 芽
 , we now (with small trumpet sounds) present branches 枝. 
When a sapling extends its arms to reach new air, its intention to provide is
displayed; welcoming all creatures to receive support, shelter, food, and fresh air.
Inspired by the hearts of these trees, this capsule collection attempts to serve a
wider variety of needs. Each design is built using simple geometric shapes,
preserving areas of corners and bends to efficiently contain documents, devices
and everyday objects. A bolder crew to breeze through rocky days with.

As we continue to grow our awkwardly popping and bending branches during
this time of uncertainty, we appreciate you who have appeared as a bird’s song,
dancing butterflies, water, and sunshine. 

Here are tracks which inspired this collection. 
Let them accompany you scroll~

Photography : Ryan Loh
With the help from our dear friends : Edna, Bin, and Si Ying

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