Senkoubou is a multi-medium design and make studio. Our belief is to reignite the child-like wonder inside us all and make the little things incredible again. As we see the universe in a way that everything has life, we hope to give meaning to objects by only creating necessary tools you can use for a long time. With this purpose, we try to keep our designs simple yet essential. Likened to rice that compliments other dishes in a meal, they accompany you as you travel and explore the world with fresh eyes.




We pay attention to where our materials come from, how they are made, and how it goes back to nature. By adopting quality supplies that once walked and grew from our good earth, each product is put together using both experimental and traditional hands-on techniques, making everyday living simple, slow, and complete. Depending on how you use it, you will see their patina change; its charm growing just as you have. Brought to life by the hands of the maker, and living to its handsomest form as serving you.




Our little studio seeks to be sustainable and ethical in our production by fabricating products only when an order has been received. This method of order fulfillment minimises material waste and impulse buying, giving our customers a chance to tweak simple details of the product to suit individual ergonomics. In this modern society where machines and cookie-cutter products are run of the mill, Senkoubou's “錢 ”(Sen - olden Kanji for Money), serves as a reminder to consumers to re-evaluate the purpose of money and how they contribute to the universe in its exchange. With just a little wait, we are able to support end users by taking time to ensure quality production, weighing the connection of our products to our environment and nature.