Kids Workshop - House Coin Bank

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This 2.5-hour kids workshop is created to share with children the natural life cycle of a cow and how we have been receiving food, clothing, and leathers from them for a very very long time. Each child will be painting on their pre-cut leather house and watch it transform from a 2-dimensional flat piece to a 3-dimensional House Coin Bank using basic sewing and knotting techniques.


Dimensions - 13cm (H) x 12cm (W) x 10cm (D)

Keeps - Coins, Notes, etc.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Prior experience is not required.


Children will learn to:
- appreciate the materials and foods obtained from cows
- paint on leather using a water-based dye
- create holes on leather and other tough materials
- join leather pieces using rope and basic knotting techniques
- see a 2-D pattern form into a 3-D structure
- start saving
- (also probably on their own) find creative materials to help dig out the money when short in cash


・ Leather (from Tuscany, Italy) and all craft materials will be provided.

・ Although aprons(for children) are available for use, we recommend you and your child wearing clothing which you won't mind getting stained

・ Water will be served. Children may bring their own water bottles for additional precaution during this period.


Due to Covid-19, each class is limited to 2 seats per session. (Updated on 21st Jun 2021)
Each child can be accompanied by 1 ~ 2 adults.


If you would like to arrange for a private session, please write to us at


Workshop will be conducted by Shiying — a craftsman who was trained in Kyoto, Japan, under the wing of master craftsman, Yamochi Masumi.