Traveller's Case Workshop

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This 3-hour workshop will focus on hand-making methods with character and techniques that cannot be replicated by modern machines. You will be able to choose the shape of your pocket, colour of leather and stitches, and learn to handle leather crafting tools to make your very own Traveller’s Case.

Shape / Tall ( 18cm x 11.4cm )
Keeps - passport, A6 notebook, phone, small card holder, cash, cards, eyedrops, lip balm etc.

Shape / Long (19.5cm x 7.5cm)
Keeps - stationeries, tools, small cash/coins, spectacles etc.

You will learn to:
- use basic leather crafting tools
- cut leather pieces from paper patterns
- prepare stitch holes by marking and hammering
- assemble leather pieces using saddle stitch method
- properly finish raw edges of leather 

Leather (from Tuscany, Italy) and all craft materials will be provided.
Prior experience is not required.

Workshop will be conducted by Shiying — a craftsman who was trained in Kyoto, Japan, under the wing of master craftsman, Yamochi Masumi.

Workshop is limited to 4 seats per session.