Fabric Masks by senkoubou

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Our mask patterns are created in-house; putting together the best shapes and lines found after days of research. Tried and tested on various face shapes.

Fabric width - 19cm
Center line curvature - 15cm

Fabric width - 22cm
Center line curvature - 17cm

Shell fabric
- 100% Stonewashed Linen, Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, made in Lithuania

- 100% Organic Cotton, Double Gauze Cotton, made in Japan

Each mask comes with with:

  • Aluminium nose strip for better coverage and prevent fogging of spectacle lenses

  • Filter pocket to insert cut-out from surgical mask or folded tissue 

    (Please do not attempt to iron the surgical mask material as it will melt)

  • Adjustable elastic straps

Our fabric masks requires only light washing by hand.
Limited pieces available.

Reminder: Fabric masks reduces the particles spread by wearers but are non-medical grade.

As each product only comes to life when an order has been made, we require up to 8 weeks before shipping your order. Our manner of making seeks to minimise material wastage and impulse buying, ensuring careful consideration to your needs and our environment.

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The natural ageing of our leather does not compromise its toughness. With exposure to sunlight while absorbing traces through passage of time, it darkens and turns into a beautiful patina that is made unique by you.

• Wipe leather pieces with leather wipes when necessary and air-dry under good amount of sunlight.
• Do not try to remove dirt with solutions. Spots and stains may blend into the leather and become less conspicuous as it is used.
• We recommend seeking help from a professional leather cleaner when necessary.