A Second Reason

Since I was little, I have had this weird tendency of holding up intricately designed objects and looking at them really closely. A necklace pendant, a correction tape, a wallet — unassuming things like these get my attention and I would try to figure how they are pieced together to work.
When I do figure out (or sometimes not) that every piece and part makes sense and how genius the invention is, a strong energy builds inside me because it makes me feel like the world is filled with people who have made contributions to the betterment of one’s lives.
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Naturally, humans are tool makers. The pulling of thread, sharpening of blade, hammering of metal, et cetera are abilities our hands have given us. When combined with the pumping of our hearts, we just might edge machines out when it comes to bringing life to a product.
Through senkoubou, we hope to bring back the appreciation of a craftsman’s time, workmanship, and spirit.


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